Friday, November 10, 2006

dirty ozzie rock

and no i don't mean anything related to the osbournes!

last night i went to see wolfmother live and they rocked baby!

for the first time in a long time i allowed myself to be dragged down front and experienced the moshpit - tres scary - didn't hang around for more than 3 songs - was too hot and frankly dangerous! haha

wolfmother are australian rockers bringing back the good times. someone asked me if they're tongue in cheek rock, to which i have no clue. what matters to me is whether i enjoy the record. which i do. 'woman' is destined to be a rock anthem!

my man says they remind him of hendrix. cool!

he didn't like that other retro rock band 'the darkness'.
i can understand why glam rock jumpsuits may put you off, but the first album was ace!
it was a few years ago now and just the beginning of rock reclaiming the album charts.
but he would say' oh they're on hit wonders' like it was a bad thing.
what's wrong with having a hit in your life.
being responsible for a bunch of people enjoying some rock sounds? i can't understand the problem.
maybe it's cos he never wrote one hit wonders when he was in his band.
it was beneath them or something and they were concentrating on a life long body of work the world could enjoy.... oh yeah, they split up long time ago, the rock martyrs! haha*

but yeah, wolfmother. serious rock or a retro wink - i don't care - they make good sounds come outta my stereo!

* i wanna be in a band! i'm just jealous really...

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