Tuesday, November 14, 2006

handgestures before dawn

i'm not a morning person.

i can appreciate having a fulfilling morning but i'd just as rather stay in bed and appreciate the extra zeds thank you very much!

so this morning when a ditzy driver was in the wrong lane causing me to cut her up accidentally - no honestly! haha - so she's in the wrong and her gimp of a boyfriend starts to gurn at me in an agressive manner - very much like our primate friends in zoos might.

gurning aggressively from the safety of his passenger seat. not once, not twice but three times to which, i'm not ashamed to say, he got the v-sign. i understand as much as the next man how irritating bad drivers are, and it's easy to understand how he may have thought i was in the wrong (when i clearly wasn't reader!).

but to have a go at me THREE times about anything is ridiculous! he may as well have followed me to work and stood behind me all day telling how sh*t he thought i was behind the wheel of my punto!

well it's just bad for my disposition frankly. i'm a cheerful girl but you have never heard language like it when i'm on the road. there are so many d*ckheads out there who i would ordinarily never cross paths with. and in such a polite society as ours, where we're used to please, thankyou and sorries tripping off every tongue, the rudeness you have to endure on the road is exacerbated since we're just not used to it.

i feel angry at another driver at least once on the way to and from work. this isn't good for my health and i'm sure it will give me wrinkles!
and they're usually men. women are more likely to be considerate drivers. no question. that's why men are in more accidents. in too much of a hurry to beat the car in front. they're called boy racers for a reason you know ; )

in a tenuous link i saw a film called Crash this weekend. not the dodgy early nineties film about people having nookie in cars, but the recent one about racism in LA with Matt Dillon, Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle and Brendan Fraser. amazing film!

starts off with a car crash and matey spouting some nonsense about people in LA crashing so they can have a human interaction - to which his girlfriend suggests he's hit his head too hard, haha. but the style of the film is brilliant. effortlessly flicking from character to character slowly weaving all the storylines together. making you think about easy prejudice and how we're all just people at the end of the day.

if you haven't seen it, make a note and check it out. really enjoyable. 5 stars from the jodester!

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G.S. said...

Hi Jodie, Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated! There will certainly be more dog posts - as soon as I get another one in my cab. I read many of your entries and thought your writing was funny, insightful, and upbeat and I've bookmarked your blog. I think we could both write blogs about road rage and driving etiquette! Hope you'll keep at it. BTW, I just saw "Crash", too. Great movie! I once had Matt Dillon in my cab (actually, twice) and I'm thinking I ought to write about it in a new post. - Gene