Tuesday, November 28, 2006

a very British thing

at the weekend i dragged my man to see the latest Bond offering Casino Royale.
i have seen all of the Bond films as my mum has always had a soft spot for early Sean Connery*.

the film was as you'd expect, the new Bond was wieghed up and looked good in his trunks so got the thumbs up from the ladies in the house and did all his own stunts so impressed some of the fellas**

the thing is it's only just come out so the queue was massive to get a ticket and even when we got to the cashier they'd not got a free show til an hour and half later. we got tickets anyways and waited in the cinema lounge*** watching the mega long queues for the next Bond session.

A hour or so passed chatting about nothing in particular and we decided to go get popcorn etc and then lingered around to start the queue for our screen. but for some reason the old fogies in front of us were horrified that they couldn't wait int he screen. 'the last showing is still on' explained the teen on the door 'outrageous' they moaned. the queue started to make a serious dent in the foyer. screen 1 is their biggest screen therefore it's biggest audience. it did a full cirle round the foyer and into the screens corridor. we watched as people came up the escalators walked towards the screen inspite of massive queue only to look back dismayed at the line of people they had to join for impending Bond. we had popcorn so we were happy. we were also almost at the fornt so we knew we'd get the seats we wanted**** but we giggled as people became irate as every chancer in there tried to talk his way out of the queue situation. a woman directly behind us was gonna burst a blood vessel because she thought a woman had pushed in. i couldn't help but smile at her. i thought the British were good at queing but apparently it's a talent that's slipping from our collective conscience!

very amusing. certainly whiled away the time waiting to see Bond anyway.

*she didn't like Roger Moore at all but by then i was hooked on the spy thriller nonsense! she even made me watch a made 70s movie with Connery in called Zardoz! it's wacky sh&t!

**not my man, he don't like Bond.

*** after an aborted mission at Chiquitos next door - who only had two staff on none of whom were taking our order after 20 minutes! rubbishness!

****at the back. no kicking of your seat then see!

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