Tuesday, May 15, 2007

capital of culture

this weekend i was in my hometown of Liverpool visiting my mum. it's not far to go and i visit fairly frequently but i always have conflicting feelings about it. on one hand i feel good to be home, feel at ease in the company of fellow Liverpoolians. there is a definite character that is born of Liverpool and only people who live there know what I'm talking about...
i expect every major city has its own vibe but i don't know many people who fail to be impressed by the general bonhomie and relaxed attitude of Liverpool. and while out n about in the local pubs it is this that i enjoy and wistfully dream of moving back home for...
on the other hand i feel like Liverpool is a place i left. a place that didn't offer me anything in the way of a career. a place i was forced to leave and become 'the scouser' the land over, the outsider... so maybe i resent Liverpool a bit - since i wanted a career in media and the jobs only came up as poeple literally died off, perhaps my feelings of not wanting to stay in (or go back to Liverpool are down to this earlier experience of disappointment...
this weekend was a good weekend tho. i performed my song that i only wrote recently at an open mic night* in front of about 10 people (1 of whom was my mum - but still a lot of strangers!)and i went to a birthday party at my mums local pub and a chap had brought his violin along and gave us all a blast of Vivaldi! how very cultured! they deserve that award after all!
there's a bloke doing the comedy circuit called John Bishop who is from Liverpool but resides in Manchester. he said of the award "yeah, Venice was surprised too...." which while funny is letting the side down just a little bit!!!
*2nd friday of every month at St Brides Church Percy Street Liverpool 8!
**i videoed it and as soon as i figure how to get it from my phone to this blog i will... but seriously, that's one cultured weekend!

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