Thursday, May 17, 2007

sweet relief

have you ever had a wee after a really really really long wait?!
there's nothing like it!

driving over to Liverpool last week i had to wait from near the end of the M62 to meeting my mum in a bar in the city centre to go! And i was a bit lost in the one way system to Dale Street so i really had to wait! Finally when i got to a loo i had a pee nearly as long as the one Mike Myers has in the first Austin Powers movie when he comes out of cryogenic hibernation! haha

just when you think its all gone, there it is, a little bit more. the human body is an amazing vessel! haha, girls of course are much better at holding theirs in if there ain't an adequate facility to go in, but this is merely cos blokes can go easier wherever they please.

without a utensil such as a she-pee it is simply too undignified for a girl to go when nature calls!i remember very vividly being caught peeing in public when i was about 19. i'd just like to point out we were depserate and there were about 4 of us - it wasn't just me! we'd been out drinking and everywhere was shut as we waited to get home so we tucked ourselves at the edge of a carpark behing a big HGV lorry parked up and went for it - only thing was it wasn't an empty lorry and a little face peeked out at our blue moon! haha, the sooner the local nightclubs/theatres/public places get these fab lady urinals in - anywhere with large queues for the ladies essentially! - the better!

let's start a revoLOOtion! hehe, i can't believe i just said that! haha

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