Thursday, May 10, 2007


there is a little buttybar near work and frankly they just don't try hard enough!
i ordered a cheese and tomato toastie and got back a soggy mess. toasties in my humble opinion should be at least toast-like! this one looked like it had only been 'near' a toaster.
pale, soggy and unattractive!
and it's hardly nouvelle cuisine is it? it's toast with some cheese and tomato in between! ridiculous. i have had this problem before but you tend to repress these emotional traumas haha
so i've decided to form a protest group RSPCT (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Toasties) and hand in a petition to said buttybar on June1st* i don't suppose they'll appreciate it because i'm guessing that if you can't even make a toastie properly a sense of humour about it is sure to be lacking also...
*i'm joking here by the way but i really didn't enjoy that toastie!

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