Thursday, May 10, 2007

i protest!

went to see Mark Thomas live last week - he's not so much a comedian now as a rather amusing politco! he basically told his tale about protesting about the new rules on protesting that the gvmt brought in to stop Brian Haw from protesting - except the law was deemed not to apply to him... (insert big laughs here)

i don't think i'm angry enough to protest about anything having said that i did send an online petition around all my friends yesterday to lobby the gvmt to reconsider the new music licence rules for pubs cos some local band i'm friends with on on myspace asked me to sign it. the last time i was so political i think i voted for Will on Pop Idol haha (he won! every vote counts!!! haha) or no actually i think it was Chantelle on CBB 06 (another winner pop pickers! haha)*

talking of politics that tony blair has just resigned - just this very instant! the king of spin as ever he finished his speech with 'the British are special... this is the greatest nation' like a bit of old fashioned flattery will make us forget the complete farce of a war he dragged us into... mental!

i think i'd like to be involved in an indie party like the monster raving loony party i think just to show how ridiculous the system is - there's no 'choice' so people don't vote - it's awful cos people once fought for the right to have their say but until people feel empowered thru politics ofcourse people won't bother...

now i have a great theory on who should be our next PM - bear with me - mind trickery guru Derren Brown! he'd be great wouldn't he? he could manipulate the world's stage to Britain's benefit and he's quite cute too! haha i reckon more people would vote too cos he'd just play mind games with everyone haha i predict a landslide!!

let's all sing now

'talkn bout a rev-ol-ution, w-e-l-l y'know, we all wanna change the world'

*latest political hot potato just in, hehe - sign up!!

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