Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a very country affair

weddings are a funny old business ain't they...

me and the fella pootled off down south for a wedding in the Cotswold's, me navigator extraordinaire, nickolai bug killer behind the wheel...

we managed to get there all in one piece but upon arrival at our B&B ran into a problem with Nick's white shirt he was to wear at the wedding. it didn't look very clean and the more you looked the worse it seemed. the problem was he'd washed all his white shirts ready for the big event but had failed to take out the black fabric cufflinks in one shirt so ofcourse the colour had run... disaster!

we asked the manager of the B&B where we could drive anywhere nearby to get a new shirt and he said Bristol (45 miles away!) but that he had a shirt we could borrow! mental! now that's service! only it wasn't the right sort so we figured we'd sleep on it and since the wedding wasn't til 4pm the next day there'd be plenty of time to get to Marks n Sparks.

next we tried to find a pub without directions and ended up going way out of our way only to almost kill several rabbits and a young deer on some dirt track we took by mistake... terrifying! my poor blokey was a nervous wreck by the time we arrived at the pub!

the wedding itself was great fun in a fantastic venue called Cripps Barn- my man wore a kilt! with nothing underneath! wooooooo! exciting! haha - such a long day tho - up at 8.30 to go to Oxford to fetch the groom - out n about all day - so i was really tired really early!
which was a nightmare cos there was a caleigh after the meal which was very exhilarating!
at the end of the night i was fairly sober having had to much champers i the afternoon and switched to water about 9pm, so i took my drunken-kilt-wearing man back to the B&B in the wee hours hoping he'd be sober enough to drive us home again the next day! haha

i'm exhausted just reading about it! haha, thank goodness there's not another one to go to for a few months! hehe

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