Thursday, May 03, 2007

girl talk

i was on a train* home yesterday evening when i overheard the following conversation between two teenage girls:

girl1 "i had to stop myself from crying last night"
girl2 "ah, did ya?"
girl1 "but then i thought 'what you cryin' over him for - he's got spots' "
girl2 laughs in agreement
girl1 "but no seriously i was really into him, he's got a bmw and loads of cash, so i'm gutted"
girl2 "yeah..."

god help us. the next generation only has eyes for wedge! haha

they blabbered on about some ex-girlfriend who the aforementioned bmw-driver had been texting and how rude it was but how the situation might actually be good leverage for getting a good present from his forthcoming holidays! inspired!

i don't know about you but to me it sounded like a doomed relationship - but i suppose just one of those learning curves we've all had. so while part of me wanted to turn around and say ' i couldn't help but overhear, but it sounds to me like you're both better off without the other...' part of me thought it's all just part of life's rich tapestry.

another girl about 18** sat across from me with a bandage on her wrist - she prodded at it gingerly. i offered her a painkiller and it turned out she was on her way to her first job before university started in October. to work behind a bar. with a sprained wrist. and she was running an hour late thanks to trains up from down south. i told her not to bother! haha
but since she was very forlorn at the prospect of being fired on her first day of a job that took her 4 months to secure (?) i suggested if they gave her a hard time given the evidence she should probly stick the job anyway.

oh what a wise old sage i'm turning into...

*i'd been in Stoke all day for work, this train commuting seems quite easy really... i know in reality commuter peak is hell but every now and again its a nice change from the old road rage innit?! haha

** when did 18year olds start looking 12?!! mental...

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