Tuesday, May 08, 2007


cineworld stole a few hours of my life yesterday and made me pay for the privilege!

we went to see spiderman3 - lord knows how we managed to avoid any bad reviews - it was a proper turkey! a mishmash of bizarre happenings and special effects! the most bizarre bit featuring the butler! but you won't find any 'spoilers' here - only a warning not to part with your hard earned to bother to see it at the flix...

'it's the experience that counts' they told us on the anti-piracy trail - is the experience being ripped off at the box office, popcorn stand and then by hollywood too?! haha there's another sucker born every minute! since it was a bank holiday monday i asked why i wasn't getting the off-peak monday rate on my ticket - 'because its a bank holiday' the student mumbled at me - there's nothing to say so on their ticket board - a ruddy con i tell you!
onwards to the snacks counter - £2.10 for a bottle of water! i have to start taking my own snacks to the cinema - they take the p*ss too much! £4.10 for a large popcorn which has been scaled down via new packaging - same great price tho! haha did they think we wouldn't notice?! have you seen how much a bag of popcorn seed costs at the supermarket?! they're making a killing! and they have the cheek to offer 'meal deals' with a massive saving of 30p - woo! they're K_R_A_Z_Y man! haha

thing is - i love going the cinema and dark commercial attitudes such as theirs are ruining it for me! i do frequent art houses for the odd euro/inde flick but they don't even bother with popcorn - like its beneath them haha

i need a happy medium! i'd love to run a cinema - run a classic film every month alongside all the currents! breakfast at tiffany's gets the first slot followed by the big sleep! haha and i'd sell water and popcorn at reasonable prices!

some say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one...

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