Friday, May 18, 2007

his masters voice

Today me and my flexible friend* went to hmv at lunchtime. it was a bit naughty cos it ain't payday for another few days but i had a musical urge that i just had to ease man! haha

Now i'm a fopp kinda girl normally but Stockport hasn't earned one yet** but there's something inexplicablly joyful about buying music - having it in your mitts and playing in the car on the way home (or all afternoon on your PC at work - yey!) that all the cheaper online stores just can't beat!
And my playlist for this afternoon? Fionn Regan****
The best of the Beta Band - a steal at just £6!
Also love love love a Sizer Barker EP i been playing in my car - you can check these guys out on myspace in their new band Wave Machines - they rule!
my boss brought me i the Ray LaMontagne backcat so i been listening to that this arvo too... feeling like a proper musical minnie today me!
phew! all that music should keep you well busy for a few hours! haha

*my VISA card, not some girl what does yoga well, hehe
**must start online petition, hehe
***star track Valerie by Amy Winehouse
**** heard for the first time by accident on Team Ant's myspace - legend!

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