Saturday, May 26, 2007

vox - the aftermath

last saturday i went to an event called Vox - it's an annual shindig for all people wot do radio commercial production and a great networking event/ excuse to get pished with your mates you don't see for the rest of the year! yey!

i had missed out on the ride from the northwest (thanks Mills) and had to get the train all lonesome to hinkley myself and when i neared my destination it occured to me that the guys sat opposite me - one of whom was reading a rather nerdy looking magazine called Sound On Sound - might also be going to the do... so rather than arrive by myself at the hotel i decided to ask if we could share a taxi over there and they obliged! and what lovely chaps from Guernsey they turned out to be (lots of pubs and nice beaches there apparently!)

then a couple of other people turned up headed for the same hotel - one of whom i knew - Kate - and a lady who was going to a different conference at the same place, so we all jumped in a minibus and off we went... these sort of events are bad for a girl like me - i get so exhausted so early on form the sheer excitement of seeing all the nice people who i haven't seen for ages! haha

but twas a great day and the evening was drunken but thankfully not disorderly - just a few silly pictures of me hugging everyone i bumped into (very tactile me)
i was escorted to my room by a friendly producer chap i know at around 3am (its blurry) and thankful i am that he did - as i was still drunk the next morning for breakfast! haha

roll on vox 2008!

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