Monday, July 16, 2007

£100 and some vouchers...

i went shopping on saturday - but not after a very sobering accounts update!
if there was a Shopaholics Anonymous I'd probably have been calling myself a recovering shopping addict for a long time now, and you know just like any other addict, i just take one day at a time and i f i can walk away from just one pair of shoes marked down in the sale its another little victory for my bank balance! haha
having realised that funds were slim before i set off was an interesting starting point, but luckily for me and my pennies the mid season sales were on! so i got a big haul on relatively little spend! hurrah! my favourite thing wasn't in the sale but was only a few pounds was a Beatles teeshirt with the names of the fab four in big bold font on front... i explained later to my friend that i feel like such a cliche loving the Beatles and being from Liverpool - but i swear - i like them despite them being from Liverpool! haha
i also bought an optimistic couple of skirts - as we know July has been the rainiest on record! haha... Roll on August and that late summer! A very lovely coat, some fancypants, a dress and a couple of tops - all in budget! hurrah!
And so begins the downsizing of my life - given i don't lead a very expensive lifestyle its quite difficult for me to cut those costs but there's nowt like an annual accounts update to make you find a few quid from somewhere!
I'll keep you posted!

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