Thursday, July 05, 2007

we are all tiny dancers

oh my god. i went out last night for the first time since the smoking ban and it was amazing!!!

i didn't stink when i got home! unbelievable! i didn't have sore eyes half way thru the night! welcome to the 21st century!!

the only place i've been before with a smoking ban is New York and i remember it being a stressfree night out, i'm so glad they finally brought it in over here - live entertainment is so much better without the stinky extras!

i went to see The beautiful Thrills perform an upclose and coast to coast gig at night and day cafe promoting their new album Teenager out later this month... i love The Thrills and have bought every record so far so if you haven't indulged yet, go ahead - you'll like them! They played a mix of old songs and new (though Conor nearly lost it with a guy who kept shouting 'Corey Haim' out - he said ' stop shouting it out - we'll get to it!') and seeing them in such an initmate venue was really special...

supporting them were a band who sounded like i'd heard their name before but hadn't quite filtered thru to knowing who they were yet - the Tiny Dancers. they're from Sheffield i hear, and they're quite fabulous! so much so that on the way i purchased their album Free School Milk - i recommend! they've got a a really upbeat sound!

hearing all this good music live has certainly has put a smile on my face, which is great cos tmro i go to Kinsale in Ireland with my mum for a weekend of guinness! i might have to take the Tiny Dancers with me on the old ipodus!

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