Thursday, July 12, 2007

not enough hours in the day

I watched a DVD whilst laid up with my poorly back yesterday afternoon... I love watching movies me, and listening to music and reading books and going to gigs and meeting friends for cocktails and meeting new people and visiting new places... the list goes on and its a very important list cos its what makes up your life ain't it?

but oh how do i fit it all in? there ain't enough hours in the day/ days in the week/ weeks in the year! but i guess you can just keep trying...

i was sposed to be in the big London town this weekend but i ain't on account of my dicky back, Graham my new physiotherapist says i'll be okay in a week or so, so phew! but man it hurts! i think a bit of the black stuff as self medication will be happening on Saturday for sure!

i'm going to the Edinburgh fringe next month for a week of stand up comedy, then in september i'm going to Brighton for the World Beard and Moustache Championships (seriously!) and the off to Germany in October so it's all fun fun fun for me this year i tells ya, now about that bank balance... haha

i remember when it dawned on me that as a working person your life is not your own... a brutal moment let me assure you... but it drives it home that if you can find a job you enjoy you better stick to it cos you'll be spending most of your week doing it over anything else in your life (though when i graduated i did try to match work for beer hour for hour! haha, them were the days! like i said it was a brutal realisation - i had to deal with it somehow!) currently i work for a company that gives the bare legal minimum of days off - 20 days plus bank holidays... i'm looking fwd to the government upping that to 25 cos frankly i have more to do in my life than will fit into 20 days!!!

what about that road trip around the UK i always wanted to do? what about that trip to graceland on the list of things to do before i die?! what about the week trying to write a screenplay i wanted to take? what about all the stuff i wanna do?!! haha

i must be getting old if i'm feeling like i'm running out of time... haha, must be the bad back messing with my mind (or the painkillers! haha)

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