Monday, July 16, 2007

call me what you like

i saw a billboard advertising a(nother) new property being built in the city centre this weekend on the way to the Kylie exhibition*

it was designed in the style of a singles ad and it made me laugh out loud cos it was such an unusual use of the style/product combo...

Call Me What You Like 23,000 sq ft, stunning interior, 34,
WLTM single office occupier for long term, serious relationship

now i know i'm a geek and i work in advertising but i had to take a picture of it and my man made fun of me! how rude! do i poke fun when he tells me about the differences in artwork in 2000AD? haha
another bit of advertising i am LOVING since we're on the subject can be seen at look to the right hand column and watch the TV ad - genius! women don't buy clothes they buy 'looking best dressed/you had your chance/ its a mans world yeah right' i love it! and frankly i'm glad its come along, not for the obvious daytime shopping when should be working opportunities but for the meeting i have next week where i have to present my favourite ad of the moment to a bunch of creatives! hurrah! brilliant timing on their part! (and nice collection!)

*on at Manchester Art Gallery celebrating the pop princess' career - jolly good if you love Kylie like wot me and my fella do! : )

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