Friday, July 13, 2007

employers are like boyfriends. discuss.

an old employer called me last week to ask if i wanted to go back and work for them...
and it occured to me that employers are a bit like boyfriends...

in so far as if an exboyfriend called you to get back together you couldn't help but feel smug about it! especially if when you broke up you felt they didn't appreciate you! haha

its made me think about the emotional relationships you have at work... you spend most of your time with people at work (unless you work in a solo environ ofcourse) which means you better like 'em or get out cos life's too short to hang out with fools innit?!

and yet i don't reckon 'i didn't get along with people' is probably low on the list of reasons people leave their jobs... maybe its there but only on a subconcious level... i was bullied once by my boss - back in 1999 i worked for some Italian bird on the reception at some office in the city*. the commute was harsh and sometimes i would be late because of public transport despite setting off 2 hours before work... she didn't understand and i would have panic attacks on the tube worrying about what she would say to me when i arrived late... the clincher was when i returned from my lunch break one day to find my screen saver had been changed from ' a life lived in fear is a life half lived'** to 'a life lived in fear is a life half lived - fear this - you're fired' !!

seriously! i feel sick just telling you that story - it was truly a horrible time and i would cry in the toilets to my then boyfriend at least once a week - why on earth i stayed 8 months i have no clue - well it was my first office job out of uni and i didn't realise this wasn't normal boss-behaviour! she denied doing it to the big boss who i went to in tears but we both knew she did it... i just hope she gets a cold serving of karma in this life...

i guess i learned a very valuable lesson that day! haha don't put up with rubbish bosses! for the record i like my current boss very much, probably the best boss ever! haha, he doesn't read this by the way! haha i wouldn't want him getting a big head! but NOW i know how important it is so i figured its worth mentioning... haha

i guess the ultimate is to be your own boss, then apart from a normal weekly dose of self-loathing you're bound to get on with your boss! haha 'i think i deserve a payrise' - 'why thankme!' hehe

this is getting silly now...

*i won't name her even tho her name is burned into my scarred heart!!!! haha

** a quote from a very good film called Strictly Ballroom directed by one Baz Lurhmann!

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