Tuesday, July 10, 2007

to be sure to be sure

my mum took me to Kinsale weekend just gone, a lovely town on the South coast of Ireland...
we went fully kitted with raincoats and stiff upper lip only to be greeted by warm sunshine for the main duration our stay!
having been brought up in Liverpool, a town so steeped in Irish culture it's locally known as the capital of Ireland, I have a fondness for all things Irish... so it's surprising I've not been more often and to more places over there, but I guess it's just what happens when somewhere is on your doorstep, you take it for granted and never get to enjoy it...
Having visited both big cities Dublin and Belfast I thought it would be nice to see somewhere smaller, more traditional, and mum found Kinsale had a good reputation and booked the tickets!
So we were pleasantly surprised by quite a cosmopolitan little town! In the beginning of Arts Week no less! haha, and to think my mum said there'd be cobbled streets and no high heels!
We saw live music Friday and Saturday night and even a couple of marching bands on Sunday afternoon, drank the creamiest pint of Guinness ever in the Tap Tavern and even hiked* the 2km to a nearby Fort!
We met some really lovely people too, everyone was so friendly, though very intrested in Gordon Brown and what we thought of him strangley... we even met a lovely couple from New Zealand, Hilary and Graham who maybe we'll go see one day down under!
Mum had such a great time she said we're going off on a little adventure every year now! haha We met some Polish dudes who were friends with a Jazz troupe we went to see called Poles Apart and they said Krakow was a good place to visit and i happen to KNOW their Bison grass Vodka tastes real good so... haha
here's to weekend adventures: may all your weekends have little surprise in them!
it will make the world a better place for a few hours at least!
*i know some of you will find this hard to believe as i am quite the citygirl, but yes, i did walk 2km - twice! with only a couple of short sit down breaks to enjoy the view! haha

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