Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hmm, blogger title thing won't work...

i have a bad back. i think i strained it while being over-ambitious at the gym* so today after week of pretending it would go away i went to see an acupuncturist.

talk about weirdville! the nice lady put the pins in my back and the back of my knees and said don't move for 20 minutes... a stiff arm and a quick nap later she took them out again and gave me a quite surprisingly vigorous massage... then she stuck a herbal smelling patch on my back and i went back to the office £28 lighter...

now at first i couldn't feel any pain in my back - hurrah! but about an hour passed and the stiffness came back - does this mean that it is a muscular pain and will go eventually? answers on a postcard to... haha
i called my gym and they said 'we don't have anyone here qualified to advise you on your back pain' helpful! not!!! it's a good job i'm not litigious!

so i'll keep y'all posted but in the meantime please send me sympathetic thoughts!

*being overambitious is a little bit of a bad habit of mine, it leads me to be continually frustrated with myself and my abilities (or lack thereof!)

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