Friday, July 13, 2007

don't stop me now

i heard the aforementioned queen song on the radio this morning.

and while it is forever burned into my brain as the killer tune from the hit rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead it was a remarkably good 'morning' tune. it kind of got me into the spirit of being awake. i thought to myself 'that freddie mercury sure was an upbeat guy!' haha

my friend yesterday said his personal anthem was his new ringtone - Spanish Flea - he said everyone should have a personal anthem that they hear whenever they walk down the street - i remember an episode of Ally McBeal covered this exact topic in a very amusing manner- i'm not suggesting my friend watched it - actually he namechecked family guy as a source of personal anthem so it must be one of those things people like the idea of, but he said that he doesn't know why Spanish Flea is funny - it just is - and it makes us both smile when he gets a call - that's the sign of a good ringtone - when you just don't want to pick up! haha

hey this is interactive times my friends! add YOUR favourite tune to my comments for this blog!

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