Wednesday, July 04, 2007

precipitation in july

its enough to make you wanna leave the country!

i complain about the weather far more than is healthy my friends... but what gets me down is it isn't even notoriously unpredictable British weather - it's just depressingly predictable Mancunian weather!

i also have a leak in my room - which my landlord promises me is being sorted asap now he's found the hole... i know i've mentioned it already but it's still not sorted! in the meantime i have leaky guttering that keeps me awake at night with its night time pourings and a very unattractive brown water mark on my ceiling! i'm only glad it's in the corner by the window and nowhere near my bed!

if i lived in a part of the country that didn't have quite so much rain none of this would be happening to me!!! manchester has a lot to answer for! i checked the online weather report - Brighton is warm and sunny as you'd expect... Dear Brighton, any writers needed down there? haha

july should be a warm sunny time - a time for cocktails and summer dresses - not winter coats and damp ankles! boo to Manchester weather! at least we haven't been flooded out like nearby Sheffield...

like my grandad used to say, it's good weather for ducks...

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