Sunday, July 02, 2006

'the sadness'

well it had to happen.

had a week off 'the sadness' last week which was bound to mean extra helpings this week you see.

'the sadness' is a product of my trans-pennine love and is a feeling of woe that creeps up on me and my man on a sunday afternoon shortly before we have to part ways for another week. sometimes you're not even sure it is 'the sadness'. sometimes you think it might be a hangover from that cheeky bottle of red wine or just a general grumpiness on account of it being the end of the weekend. but with a little investigating - yep, it's usually 'the sadness'.

so i'm feeling quite glum to say the least. and the weather has almost become an ally as it's started raining heavily (with a hearty helping of thunder and lightening to add to the drama) out of nowhere. it's been hot and sunny all weekend and now that i'm miserable the heavens have opened! haha

everywhere you go, always take the weather with you indeed!

sometimes it's nice to have some chocolate cake or other naughtiness to kill off the sadness but i've just had a red berry solero ( only 99 calories - back on the diet kids!) and i'm still feeling a bit rotten.

there should be something i can do to take my mind of it all - i start my new job tomorrow and i don't what i'm wearing so i could go check out my options... nah... i could watch some larry david on dvd... mmm.... i could start clearing thru my junk, have a clear out before i move later this month... see plenty of things to do but instead here i am, sitting - nay, dwelling - in my own misery.

my face literally looks like this : (

now that's just gonna give me wrinkles!


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