Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my travels in the kingdom of blog

i don't usually get time to surf the blog-world since i'm presently not hooked up at home*
but today i've had a quiet spell with which to indulge in the world wide web and i'm pleased to report it has put me in a very good mood!

first i looked for an old blog i used to read by newyorkhack but that linked me to some other cabbies who blog http://cabsareforkissing.blogspot.com/ and http://londoncabby.blogspot.com/

i think that a cabbies life must be quite interesting. sure you'll always get rubbish punters who are rude or abusive, perhaps just smelly ones, but then you'll see some eye-opening things too right? and you'll see people from all walks of life. i always try and have a friendly chat with a cabbie but some are just not sociable at all. which begs the question, why be a cabbie if you don't like people?!

but by far my favourite blog i found today is http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/chrisevans/
i've been listening to his radio2 drivehome and frankly he's back on form.
no-one likes listening to lazy radio, which is what he started to produce i think back in the late 90s was it? seems a lifetime ago.
whatever - if you ever like his heart warming 'everyone come and be in my gang' radio then you'll enjoy his radio2 stuff and moreover his blog. some great entries which are further enhanced by listeners comments. brilliant. interactive blogging baby!

everyone should blog! some cynical f*ckwits say of blogs that they are uninteresting drivel which will never be read, remembered or loved. i say blogging is an easy way to express your life to anyone who might stumble across it! why are we here on this planet but to tell others of our story. human beans have always loved telling and hearing stories. the basis of good stand up comedy is story telling which is probably why i love it so much. so what if you're not interested in what someone has blogged? don't read it then! simple.

there are people in this world who want to make you smile. and then there are those who are miserable and want to inflict in on everyone around them!

well stuff them!

watch some of these - they always make me smile - if only for the theme tune!

*my landlord promised me broadband but then renegged on this promise as soon as i'd moved in - outrageous behaviour! i'd move out on principle but after 13 years of renting i am SO sick of moving!

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