Saturday, July 08, 2006


i'm a relatively new driver.
i passed my test in april 05 and got a car in june 05 which i drove to sainsburys once a week for about two months before i had to use it to get to work and back just 4 miles down the road.
so far, so inexperienced!
then i changed jobs and had to get the bus to work cos parking in the city centre was well expensive. so i went back to my sainsburys once a week driver status.
but this week i started a new job and it is all the way in stockport - a massive 6 junctions on the M60 from where i live.
so all week i been going 70mph! wowee!
it's been quite surreal.
and not really at all as stressful as i thought it would be.
i even had to drive to warrington and back on the M62 which is like almost an hour away!
i would like to get on the road more. so this is good news.
except i'm moving nearer to my new job in two weeks which will mean i'm not on the road more at all! haha
but i'd like to drive to see my friends down south.
trains are so expensive and takes ages and make you change three times on a sunday*
and i don't even DO coaches. they are ridiculous. it can take 7 hours to do a 2 hour journey. and they're not even cheap anymore! outrageous!
but my man doesn't like me driving long distances. he says it ain't safe.
and there are some nutters on the road.
as a new driver you are incredulous of how these people got licences (if they bothered to at all!).
but why have a car if you ain't going anywhere in it?! answer me that?!
i'm looking forward to my first motorway services experience!
especially if it's that really nice posh one off the M6 Toll! haha

*i have a rule about public transport that is you can only be philosphical when it comes to using it to get anywhere. it's no good getting your blood up about a driver who hasn't shown up or a leaf on the track that refuses to budge.
and if anyone asks you when you'll be arriving you simply answer 'i'll get there when i get there' : )

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