Saturday, July 15, 2006

old friends, good times

i saw an old buddy of mine, jonny, today in liverpool.

i don't see him very often but its always so nice to see him when i do.

he used to live in london until recently and i asked him about how he was finding re-adjusting to life in the northwest, something i still feel i'm doing myself even tho i've been here for over 2 years now.

life is different down south. and i'm not even articulate enough to explain why. i spent 10 years dotted about the south east and as a result all of my friends since university are based there. so i miss them!

of course i have made new friends - i'm not a social retard! but while i'm glad to make new friends i feel like if i don't move back soon my friendships down south will suffer indefinitely. which makes me sad.

and yet i'm a northerner!

feeling homesick for the south?! how does that work?

what if i never move back? and all the while i never feel at home up north cos i'm waiting to move back down south! haha

'the littlest hobo' that's me

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