Wednesday, July 19, 2006

but how many is too many?

i am moving house at the weekend so i've started packing.
which in this bizarre heatwave is a sticky job, but i'd rather spread the task over the week than have a meltdown on friday night!

i have quite a few coats it seems. and shoes. and clothes in general.

some of which i've not worn once in the last 12 months.

now some of you minimalists out there might cry - chuck em out you fool! to which i say just because its not being used right now doesn't mean i won't use it later.

later when? you might ask - you minimalists have it in for us hoarders see - to which i reply, oh y'know, later... haha

but when you move as much as i do you kinda envy those with not a lot to show for themselves. i used to dream of having a suitcase or three like Holly Golightly in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's*, but now i realise she was a high class working girl and probably didn't feel emotionally attached to anything! perhaps this is why i pack so lightly when i travel - it's the only time i'll ever get to be That Minimalist Girl! haha

from where i'm sitting (which is currently amongst a whole load of shoeboxes and coats so i may be somewhat biased!) if you don't own a lot of stuff what have you been doing all these years?

i guess i'm particularly guilty of collecting things because i'm sentimental at heart. this is a killer for storage. old momentos of places, beer mats, promo tshirts, postcards etc which i genuinely feel 'remind me of the time...' so am loathe to chuck them out!

i am getting better tho. i am chucking out bad photos and putting the good ones in photo albums. i am throwing away bad CDs i got for free once in 1995. but when it comes to shoes its a different story.

a good pair of shoes is a piece of art. it can be so telling of the era. so telling of the point in my life. i have a pair of silver glittery platforms. no, really. my friend kate o'meara calls them the beasts! they could only have been bought in the late 90s when i was at uni, young and single and loving it! they really do belong on a shelf... maybe even under a spotlight! haha

well i better get back to sorting thru the cr*p that is my worldly possessions!

but just one last word to the minimalists - don't get angry with us hoarders, pity us! we have to move this stuff on Saturday! haha

*this was my favourite film for a very long time. it's got that classic thing going on. but it got kinda hijacked by every girl in the world which has made it less special really. so i think it may be pulp fiction now. a classic itself. and so enjoyable every time you see it!
who's motorcycle is this? it's a chopper baby. who's chopper is this? zed's. who's zed? zed's dead baby, zeds dead.
lovely stuff!

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