Sunday, July 30, 2006

the independent made me cry

well it wasn't so much the independent as the story featured in it about how the israelis had bombed the red cross going into lebanon.

but how much of the press can you believe anyway. its all someone's version of events. maybe i'm a sucker for being upset and that's what 'they' want me to feel.

flippn eck i'm starting to sound like my conspiracy theory king of a boyfriend!

but back to my original point. i cried. because the world is horrible and horrible people run it and horrible people live in it.

i'm not normally allowed to read the paper for this very reason. but my man was trying to keep me occupied while he made us lunch on Friday.

then when i was at a jolly BBQ in London, well Surrey technically actually, but down there anyway, i had a chat with a bloke called Dean who'd never met me before about the fact that i'd cried because of the state of the world and how rubbish everything was and why did we feel powerless to do anything about it? i think i must have really enhanced his BBQ experience! haha

then i got pissed and forgot all about it.

just like 'they' wanted me to...

pah. damnd jaegermeister!

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