Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A,D & E

thems the chords you need to play mull o' kintyre dontcha know!

thats it!


i'm a rockNroller now me, haha

i got some guitar books for my birthday to help me get out of my 7 chord rut. don't get me wrong*. 7 chords is whole lot more than i knew a year ago, but i needed a place to go with those chords and some more direction besides! so hopefully the macca folky classic is only the beginning of my songbook! haha

my man used to be in a band (us rockNrollers stick together y'know!) when he was a young lad, so he shows me the beginnings of lots of songs but can't remember the rest. which is such a tease! cos they sound brilliant. but you only know the first three or four strums haha.

and when i listen to Planet Rock** i try and emulate the great bass riffs. yeah -- 'try' being the really important word in that last statement! haha

i really love learning to play the guitar me. i don't even mind not having any fingernails very much. except for when i need them for those fiddly things like opening stuff, getting sweetcorn*** out me teeth, those sort of things. but y'know, its a sacrifice i'm willing to make! hehe

i saw this comedy sketch recently about a guitar instruction video where the dude had really 70s togs on and they kept cutting away to his hands on the guitar where it showed him holding down chords with really abnormally long fingers. which is really funny cos it really can seem impossible to hold some chords, but its just practice innit... ah. one day i'll be able to make it look easy too!

*top Pretenders tune! haha, do you ever say something and it matches a song in the jukebox in your head so you have to sing it out loud - you just can't help it?! that happens to me a lot - and it used to happen to a girl i worked with, Angela, and she called it 'singing-itis'!

**Planet Rock on your DAB radio folks! tune in for non-stop-rock!

***corn on the cob is sooo damnd tasty and yet so fiddly to get in your gob! - hey that rhymes! brilliant! but then i guess it's nice to have a sense of achievement after your dinner! haha

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