Sunday, July 09, 2006

Superman returns indeed!

i was fortunate enough to catch a preview of the new superman movie today.

wowee! that Brandon Routh looks mighty like Christopher Reeve*. excellent casting. Spacey is a formidable Lex Luther. Posey a superb ditzy sidekick. even Bosworth cuts is as Lois Lane.

i've been thinking about it all day! it's made a lasting impression! haha just like the original trilogy did when i was a kiddie watching with my mum in Liverpool's now defunct ABC cinema** - i say trilogy cos let's face it - who wants to remember superman 4? nuclear man? politics and superheroes? hmm. therein trouble lies!

i say that but my fella is very convinced superman's return is due to the state of world politics, and i can see his point. it wasn't so long ago that you felt western civilisation was the 'know-it-all' and everything was going to plan. then we got into a messy war about oil and it's all too reminiscent of the late 70s again. which was when superman came along in the first place! so he has a point my man does.

but back to Brandon. it was seriously spooky watching this young dude being superman. he had some really Reeve moves going on. Clark Kent's nose wrinkle of old. just amazing. my mum will love it! haha i think Christopher Reeve would have been seriously impressed with the new pretender. i certainly am.

*i met Christopher Reeve very briefly in 1990 in Liverpool. me and a whole bunch of teenage girls and boys were hanging outside the hotel all the big stars were staying at for the Lennon Memorial gig they held that year. He got off a coach and i nearly actually swooned. this man wasn't an actor. this was superman. he shook my hand. it was very exciting!

**great art deco building in central Liverpool that has been empty and disused since it closed down in the late eighties/early nineties, such a shame. it was a wicked cinea and i saw all my favourite childhood movies there. Ghostbusters. Superman. bring it back i tells ya!

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