Wednesday, July 12, 2006

girl talk

my friend Ruth came round tonight for a Sex And The City triple-bill*!

there is something so wonderful about girl talk. about how intimate it can be and how beautifully they capture it on SATC.

there's a scene in an episode called 'Easy come easy go" where Carrie is relating the story of a drunken Big telling her he's getting out of his marriage and 'if you know anyone who's interested...'
OH MY GOD! shriek the audience at home
OH MY GOD! shriek her onscreen galpals.
exquisite moments with your girlfriends have never been so better captured on tv before or since!

and as for Samantha's one liners. who did Kim Catrall pay to get the best lines?! in the same series Sam meets a guy with funky tasting sp*nk. so she doesn't want to go down on him anymore but he complains and says it's just up and down, up and down and then it's over, to which she explains there's suction, jaw control, gag reflex, moaning and breathing thru your nose to contend with and finally majestically retorts 'honey, they don't call it a job for nothing'


when i visited New York earlier this year i went to the bar that Chris Noth (Big) part owns with a friend called Steve Walter**. It was a really cool place and has a cool vibe. It was weird tho cos there was this huge picture of Noth on the wall and a little one of Steve underneath... Is it okay to have huge pictures of yourself on the wall of your bar? i guess it's your bar... and he is real handsome n all... haha

i also went on the SATC TV tour and drank a Cosmopolitan at the bar that they used as Aiden's bar Scout.

i really loved that show! haha

sometimes, like when it comes to tall tales about men, shoes with heels you'll never be able to walk in and drinking cocktails so sweet you can't taste the vodka in them, it's great being a girl!

*series 3 is the ultimate drama packed series for me

** it's such a cool bar with the best jukebox i ever heard! ever!

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