Monday, July 24, 2006

i am officially old

i moved house this weekend. not a whole house of course, i am still one of those pauper renters.
but i had quite a few worldly possessions to move so i'm aching all over and looking fwd to having a day off lifting stuff today!

one of the great things about my new place is that it's two minutes walk from a massive entertainment complex with a cinema and a gym. where i lived before there was an off licence and a nice italian restaurant. so i feel i'm making progress somehow!

thing is my nearest supermarket is Tesco and i like Sainsbois! i don't know why! i just do. Sainsbois is like M&S but a bit cheaper. and i worked for them when i was at uni as a checkout girl. and they have that nice Jamie Oliver on their adverts. and Tesco knocked down my school to build a store many years ago in Liddypool which i think may have started the rift! haha i always thought that people always go to their nearest supermarket. but now i realise that's only true of young things with no loyalty! haha

so i went to a website called and looked up supermarkets!
now i know my nearest superstore sainsbois (they sell EVERYTHING!) is onyl 2 miles down the road. well worth a trip every fortnight!

but how sad is that? i actually really like lidl too - maybe i should look them up!

i really am getting old!

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