Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i couldn't resist i tells ya

i got a big cream cake last night at sainsburys.
it was reduced to 60p i couldn't resist!
and i've almost eaten all the evidence too.
there's just something so naughty about cream cakes isn't there?
i guess its cos they're so sweet so you know you're being bad! haha
just writing about it makes my mouth water and think about greedily gobbling up the last chunk!
it's nothing remarkable. just a plain old victorian sponge with cream and jam fill with icing sugar sprinkled on top.
maybe too plain for those fancy chef types - but just tasty goodness to me!

i also made jelly this week, so that's got to be eaten too.
its years since i made jelly.
i must be having an attack of the sweet tooth this week me thinks.
i'm usually a savoury snack kinda girl.
humous and pitta. marmite on toast. pretzels etc.
do you remember those chocolate covered pretzels?! they were ace.
but they discontinued them - in the UK at least - cos people couldn't get their head around the whole sweet/savoury fusion! haha

can you tell i'm on a diet?
i fell off the wagon a few weeks ago for my birthday - a very good reason to fall off any wagon!
but i'm struggling to get back on track because of all the sugar my body's become used to.
dam those refined sugars and addictive sweeties!

now maybe i'll just go and finish off that yummy cream cake...

; )

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