Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Life Pursuit

I was given The Life Pursuit by Belle & Sebastian this week as a belated birthday gift* by my friend Annabelle.

It's really good and I played it in the car on the way back from work with a smile on my face.

When was the last time an album made you smile? It's pretty rare isn't it? There are such killer pop tunes on it. Pop in the summer sun can't be beat. I know they're not your typical Top Of The Pops** fodder but they do good radio hits these Glasweigans! haha

I just joined iPod Revolution and i'm still figuring out how playlists work but i'm really looking forward to a playlist called songs to make me smile! brilliant! i was watching some music telly the other day (well y'know it was on while i was reading the paper or something) and there was a show called So Bad But We Still Love Them Top 40 or something like that with Tiffany and Vanilla Ice etc on it. But some of those tunes won't fail to bring a smile to a 30-something girl's face! haha

Music is brilliant. Whenever i thought about what i'd take to a desert island (not recently you understand - when i was a bored teenager wondering about such important instances)i always thought i'd take a solar powered (there's no foxing me!)radio cos i hate no having any music on. how they don't go mad in the BB house without music everyday i have no idea. hang on. no they are quite mad. and they sing a lot. i love the idea of having a soundtrack to my life. that a song can evoke memories. good or bad from the time when it was released. Barbie Girl by Aqua reminds me of being at university. As does fatboyslim's RightAboutNow. The Thrills first album reminds me of a few summers ago. It's forever a summer album. it wouldn't sound right in the winter! haha Snow Patrol Final Straw reminds me of another summer. it's all good stuff!

i'm such a soppy girl sometimes me. haha

*belated birthday gifts are great aren't they - cos it's not your birthday anymore and yet you're still getting presents! haha, excellent!
**RIP TOTP : (

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