Wednesday, July 26, 2006


i went to bodycombat at my new gym last night... and i'm hurting today!

its an aerobics class that uses the moves of martial arts to hi-NRG dance music! so essentially its kung fu aerobics! haha, brilliant!

actually even tho i am aching today i did really enjoy it! it's not easy for beginners as there are a lot of moves and co-ordination to get your head round while it's all happening! but it made the hour go really quickly and it was definitely more interesting than the treadmill!

i'm trying boxing aerobics next week, and i want to try the ashtanga yoga class but its difficult times for me to make - pah!

last night tho - one of the moves was as if you were punching someone in the head! nice! and the music they played in the class had punching sound effects on it so it was like you were in the game Street Fighter of something haha, the good thing about this is it's just the moves - no actual punching! unlike when i tried Karate the other month and realised i was going to be expected to actually fight people! eek! i'm a lover not a fighter!*

i wanted to go the gym again today because i promised myself i'd go twice a week and since i'm away for the weekend from Thursday it's the only chance i'll have before next week... but i'm aching too much! slowly slowly catch a monkey!

*i watched a film at the weekend The Breakup** and a guy in it had a tee shirt that said "I'm a drinker not a fighter" - brilliant! that's up there with "I drink therefore I am"! haha

**my boyfriend teased my for many hours for crying during this movie. i'm sure had i not been so exhausted from moving house i wouldn't have blubbed. but i'm a sensitive girl!! the ending was rubbish tho! haha, definitely the result of 'test audiences' which are an evil phenomenon in modern film making!

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