Tuesday, August 29, 2006

comedy come down

just been to edinburgh with my man for the comedy festival.

never been before, wanted to go for years though, being a big fan of stand up comedy.

so very 'green' we arrived fresh faced on Friday afternoon and set about getting tickets for Talk Radio, a play about a famous amercian talk radio host directed by Stewart Lee and starring Phil Nichol both of whom we'd seen last summer in Glastonbury's comedy tent*.
this was very good. and very thought provoking at least for my man - a one time recent talk radio host himself!

the first guinness was supped during this show.

then we had some dinner at a nearby pub called The Doctor. we ordered jacket potatoes and we're pleasantly surprised when served up two spuds each! we could get used to these Scottish servings we thought! while i was at the bar ordering our dinner some Scottish ladies asked my man if they could share our table, which he kindly obliged as it was a busy pub, only to find 7 women descend on us! mental! haha they were very jolly and had just been to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok! one of them took a great liking to my man to which he responded by putting me inbetween them when i came back from a loo break! haha

guinness number two was here.

time flew by in The Doctor and we had to hurry off to see Richard Herring perform 'Menage a Un'. this was good but i did feel sorry for him as some bright spark thought it sensible to bring their kids including a 12 year old boy and sit on the front row! his show was still littered with filth and expletives but it must have been a nightmare for him!

afterwards we went to the underbelly box office to see what we could see next - there were a few contenders but we went with The Free Beer Show! you got a free beer (or red wine on my part) and some laughs! haha

we went for another drink before that started at the Gilded Balloon Library Bar. very lovely bar with big leather sofas and bookshelves! we got chatting to some chick called Sarah who was in a play and waiting for some friends. she told us she lived in LA and when she asked me what i did i had an awful moment of clarity. what did i do? i'm a writer. (okay so far) what did i write? oh dear. radio ads. what a contribution to writing! not! hey and my blog! haha - you guys get all the good stuff right here!

The Free Beer Show was very good fun and at one point a heckler walked up to the stage unhindered by security to shake hands with the terrified comedian to say 'you're not bad but i'm going now thanks' haha - this event actually made the whole show funnier! the guy on stage, Sean Collins, was livid that sceurity hadn't seen the need to intervene! haha

we stumbled back to our hotel at about 3am felling very rock n roll for being out so late...

i'll tell you about Saturday and Sunday tomorrow. i'm exhausted just writing about Friday! haha

i'm such a tease! haha

*we spent a lot of time at glastobury festival in the comedy tent as i didn't have any wellies. but as it turned out it was fortuitous spending all our time watching comedy as it inspired our Edinburgh trip this year!

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