Friday, August 18, 2006

real chippy chips

you can't beat real chippy chips, no sir-y bob!

i just been to a fish and chip shop (now thems the perks!) to ask if they want to go on the radio, it's called The Fryary (what a great name!) and the boss george is so lovely i want him to be Uncle George! haha

and he gave us free chips and mushy meas! lovely stuff

you just can't beat the taste of real chips - there's something very English about eating a nice bag of chips innit? who invented chips? who thought 'yeah, stick them in the hot oil and they'll taste good' haha i'll have to wikipedia that later!

and forget those french fries that seem to have taken precedence over the last 20 years, its about time every restaurant in the land got back to proper fat chips - they only sell those skinny ones cos they're cheaper and less effort! outrageous! i bet theyve never even had proper chips in america! pah...

forget camra lets have a campiagn for saving real chips! haha

i am aware that you may feel hungry after reading this entry, just picturing those hot yummy chips with some nice mushy peas on the side, i highly recommend The Fryary in Edgeley! haha
but i'm sure you have a favourite chippy and if you've not been in a while - why not pay them a visit today!

Mmmm... chippy dinner....

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English Chris said...

I'm now hungry xx