Thursday, August 24, 2006

festival fever

going to Edinburgh tomorrow and very excited about it too!

i have a brolly cos i expect it will rain it being Scotland n all... and i have aquired a cheeky rough guide... i've got hangover medicine and i've packed plenty of pants! haha

actually the only thing i don't have yet is my train ticket and there's a very good reason for why not! the going rate for a ticket from sheffield to edinburgh, fancy a guess? its almost 4 hours away... £78! yes count them SEVENTY EIGHT ENGLISH POUNDS! its daylight robbery!

i think i better write a letter to my local MP about how rubbish that is and how i am not incentivised at all against using my car for this journey!
except my bro is borrowing my car this weekend, but that's not the point!
how can it cost more on the train than any other way to travel when its clearly the cheapest way to travel! grrr! why i oughta! (shakes fist in air)
the government should be ashamed of itself!
our great British railway is fooked! haha, which is rather a shame cos i love getting trains...

so i will be back for more blogging action after the bank holiday - poorer of pocket but hopefully richer in spirit - ah! nice that!

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