Wednesday, August 23, 2006

day 31 - the housemates are still working each other out

been at my new gaff a month now. still figuring it all out really.
what i will say is this:
i have less cupboard space than everyone else.
the lass i share a fridge with has serious issues with my having a fridge door friendly water filter jug.
there are some parking wrangles not of my making.
i need a plant for my room and possibly a book shelf.

so nothing serious then.
just general house share gripes! haha

oh to afford my own place! if me and my man lived in the same town and worked more similar hours we could def get a place.

what is the world coming to when a graduate who works full time can't afford their own place to live - to rent never mind own!
i have no grand scheme to be a property magnate but my own little place to call home would be nice.
with ample cupboard/fridge space and easy parking of course...

a charity chaser tried to chat with me yesterday while i was out n about on my lunchhour, i said hello - i'm polite me! but i said listen i have no money! i am my own charity case! she said sympathetically, oh are you a student? no! she looked suitably dismayed and allowed me to continue on with no further questioning.

even my brother, who until recently was unemployed, has his own place!?
who can i write a letter to about this?! i want my own place!

it's far too early to be this cross about the world, but my fridge sharer displaced a jar of olives from the fridge door last night for a half empty bottle of vino, which meant the entire jar drained overnight resulting in vinegar being all over the fridge and floor when i went into the kitchen this morning. bleary eyed i mopped up inside the fridge.
i left her a note.
i'm quite peeved by this lack of care re: my olives. and i know they're only olives but now the kitchen floor needs mopping and i'm damnd if i'm doing it!
she could have moved a carton of apple juice instead and none of this nonsense would have happened.
but it's her apple juice.
it's about the water filter jug. i know it is...

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