Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ever had one of those weeks...

today i am suffering poor sockmanship!
you know, when your socks fall down your foot while still in your shoe and you have to stop every 2 minutes to pull them back up.
how annoying it that?!

and yesterday i realised i had given myself a strange lump in the shoulder by overdoing it at the gym - i look deformed! so i think aerobics is off tonight! which is a nightmare cos every week i've wanted to try the boxing class i've been foiled in some way! ruined!

on monday i took a chunk out of my right index finger on a loose screw on the bathroom door which i keep knocking on everything, and then later on i scraped my arm against my bedroom door handle.. do you see what i've had to put up with?!

yesterday i went to get a bikini wax* only for my waxer lady to inform me that have a huge bruise on my ass cheek! what the?!
nice that.
i was very drunk this weekend so i can only assume its a UDI (unidentified drunken injury), but what a way to find out! the shame..

so today with my rubbishy fall down socks i've had it!

hope your week is going better than mine!


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