Monday, August 07, 2006

i had a dream

and in that dream i was moving to Cornwall.
with my mum and my brother.

it was a really vivid dream. and i was really excited, but was worried about getting a job there. haha, i was even looking at it on a map and looking what big cities were near by (cos i'm a city girl). mental!

i think i maybe dreamed this because just before i went to bed i was reading about all the celebs who have pads in Cornwall in the Independent on Sunday*.
and i've always wanted to go.
and my mate Clare is from there and we had been talking earlier about how i'd like to go for the weekend maybe end of next month.

so i'm kinda disappointed today that i'm not moving to Cornwall!
isn't it weird when you have such a vivid dream you have feelings about the experiences in it! haha

hmmm, wonder if there's a radio station in Cornwall...

*re: previous entry about how the Independent made me cry. I'm not allowed to read the Independent news bit but i'm allowed to read the fluffy stuff.

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