Monday, August 21, 2006

monday mornings


i didn't drink a lot. i slept late saturday and sunday. why am i so 'hungover'?

nasty business these monday mornings.

can we ever get rid of them? i hear about people who work 'flexible' hours all the time, why don't i ever get a sniff of the good life?! haha

went to the cinema this weekend to see A Scanner Darkly. i was very excited. and unusually this didn't lead to disappointment! there were slow bits to be fair, and i was surprised that the director didn't use the style to its most surrealist limits like he did in Waking Life, but that's what happens when you try and take something a bit more mainstream with Keanu Reeves et al! haha

also saw Nacho Libre. wouldn't normally have bothered with this one but the bloke wanted to kill the time and the sadness between 4pm and 6pm. what a silly film.
i remember thinking that if i was under 12 i probably would have really enjoyed it though. so that's nice for them.
damn those cinema prices tho. £13 for two adults?! jeez! then another £10 for snacks. they take the micheal for sure!

this is why i am a member of its just £10 for as many dvds as you can manage in a month and you can make your own snacks! haha
this weekend i enjoyed the original series of Wonder Woman disc 1 which featured the pilot epic episode and episode 1 of following series. bizarrely set in nazi themed world war II, the pilot explained the origins of Wonder Woman. lynda carter was fabulous and the commentary from her and the director dude was class! she is concerned about the re-casting for the movie version coming to a cinema near you in the not to distant future. and so she should be! look at the Batman movies! haha

also i enjoyed Dallas on dvd last night, including commentary on episdoe 1 from larry hagman no less! class eighties tv i tells thee!

(heavy sigh)... is it lunchtime yet?

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