Saturday, August 05, 2006

something for everyone!

if my blog had a strapline, which it doesn't, nor will it ever, but if it did, it would definitely not be 'something for everyone'.

even if this was true, which it isn't , i still wouldn't use it. because it is so lazy man!

i will keep this short because i am loathe to talk about advertising on my day off but for example:
every little helps
making life taste better
i'm sure you are familiar with these straplines whether you like it or not!
but last night The Co-Op, who appear to have seen sense and dropped the singing sheep, introduced new characters in a cartoon form who tell us that Co-Op has 'something for everyone'.

it's not a flippn theme park! people are NEVER going to be excited about going to the supermarket!*

of course in literal terms the shop does have 'something' for 'everyone' from sweets to courgettes, but its such a lazy strapline. they're not telling me i'll find value for money. they're telling me they offer tasty fresh food. they're telling me 'well, we've got something for everyone, and YOU'RE everyone, so why not come along loser?! haha

The Co-Op was one of the first ethical companies, a co-operative see... why aren't they flogging us moral fibre with our bread? They were among the first to stock Fair Trade goods - they could so clean up with the lefties if they said 'shop with us - you'll feel better afterwards'! haha

that's it - i'm not going on any longer - i am a geek i know i am - its tragic but i criticaly watch the ad break

'what numpty pitched this idea?' i cry in disbelief at the telly/radio, thinking bitterly 'i bet they get paid more than me too, pah!' haha

my poor boyfriend.

but then he says geeky things like ' did you hear how bad that last link was?' about random people on the radio and i have no clue!

two geeks together. ah bless!

it's the way it should be!

hey that sounds like a strapline! haha

*unless you're me and get excited about finding your nearest Sainsbury's (see prevoius entry) - but as we've established, i am a geek.

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