Wednesday, August 09, 2006

new stuff

i just got a copy of the latest Nouvelle Vague cd Band A Part - which features for your aural pleasure kitsch covers of, amongst others, The Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen In Love and Blondie's Heart of Glass!

i also bought Jose Gonzalez melancholic cover of Kylie's Hand On Your Heart which suddenly becomes a much deeper message about a break up! haha
i hope Pete Waterman's heard it!

last night i went to see new Luc Beeson movie Angel-A which was a bit surreal to say the least! it's filmed tres beautifully in black and white on location in Paris, but it's like Luc couldn't find a story as good as the scenery so he just went with some pappy love story that's It's a Wonderful Life meets Wings of Desire! but to spice it up a bit the angel-a is dressed as a slut (something for the dads) and the chap is of Algerian descent (something for the politics).
y'know it's ok - i don't want to slag it off - but it's not a patch on his previous work!
i loved Nikita, The Big Blue (Version Longe),
Leon (he brought us Jean Reno!), The Fifth Element
and he even steals a line from Leon for his new movie - has he run out of ideas?!
or did he just really love the line? ("Stop saying OK all the time" "OK")
i was a bit disappointed really... it seemed like a half hearted effort to me...

however i AM looking forward to seeing A Scanner Darkly later this month - the new Richard Linklater movie with his weird painted-acting-anime combo! they showed a trailer for it and i got really excited! it's such a great new format! the best of acting and animation brought together (see Waking Life for previous Linklater step into this field)...

so yeah, loadsa new stuff! excellent!

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