Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i've got a gym hangover

ugh. i'm aching today.
i went to the gym and did my assigned 'workout' for the first time.
not good! i think i'm gonna stick to classes - they're more fun!
i even took a sauna session before i went home but still aching today.

and my personal trainer called in sick!
isn't it supposed to be the other way around?! haha
i am doomed to be ever so slightly lardy forever! the lady at the desk was a bit rude too.
ruined. i thought the idea was that if i paid a lot of money to go to a gym they'd be nicer to me! haha

i'm going to boxing aerobics on Wednesday which i'm really looking forward to.
really must go to the supermarket tho. got home from gym last night only to find a corn on the cob and some peas for tea! haha i'll be thin yet!*
so i bust open a jar of baby beets only to spill the bright red vinegar everywhere! it was like i'd murdred someone! haha

*i don't actually want to be 'thin' i just want to be slimmer... i'm a woman! ofcourse i'm horribly selfconscious!

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