Friday, October 06, 2006


i went to a beerfest last night!

amazingly good fun - felt like a student again!

i also went to the fab cafe on wednesday night for their quiz night which was also great fun, although the hi density of students in there didn't make me feel like one of them. instead i felt old! haha

i was chatting with some galpals about how i used to drink heavy duty amounts of beer every night at uni and then thru into my early post-uni life in London. how on earth did i get up for work the next day? insane how the body can take so much crap when you're younger!

but back to the beerfest. some sweating and overfriendly bloke comes up to me and says with knowing twinkle 'if the next song is 'Loveshack' will you dance with me?' so i felt game and knew that he knew the next song was Loveshack and said 'YES!' i think he was a bit put out that i wasn't overawed by his phsyic abilities to predict the next track but i think he'd been at the beerfest a lot longer than me and so was quite intoxicated! haha
the beer was served by 'wenches' and waiters in 'leiderhosen' ? how the heck do you spell leiderhosen?! and you could buy horned helmets, big moustaches and blonde plaits - all very amusing and they served up the beer in the biggest glasses i've ever seen! haha
i wouldv'e smuggled one out but it was just too big! where can i buy one of those?!

the students only recently came out in force again cos its the beginning of the new academic year. it has made me nostalgic for the mid-week partying and carefree existence but i know in reality that they're just putting real life on hold and once you graduate you get a real nasty bump back to reality! haha they won't extend that overdraft again for a while! haha

that is all.

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