Wednesday, October 18, 2006

something to make you smile

i won a competition!

not only that - it was called the 'something to make us smile' competition and it was to win a big yellow teeshirt from the people who made Little Miss Sunshine*

the Cornerhouse in Manchester sent me an email newsletter and challenged entrants to make the team smile for a chance to win! brilliant competition! just plani upbeat! haha

i rose to the occasion with a little pic i'd found a few months back of a couple of elderly ladies enjoying the beach - floral bathing suits and swim caps a-go-go!

so i won! amazing! and so nice to think that someone else appreciated the little old ladies too! i picked up my prize on Saturday when i went to see the Neil Diamond documentary and got a tte. cap, notbook and pen! haha my man said i looked like a nerd in my big yellow cap but i like it!**

on the high of my big win i entered a text comp to win flights to new york - but i probly won't win that one! there was no creative element to entering this one - just give us yer 50p and we'll pull a name out of a hat in 3 months time or something like that... boring!

*this is a really good movie! go see! : )

** i can wear it mondays to thursdays and he'd never know! haha

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