Tuesday, October 24, 2006

comedy overload

its the manchester comedy festival! woohoo!
it's like a mini Edinburger!
i must say i'm very exicted about it all...

i've seen Russell of the Brand, We Are Klang and Phil Nichol already with more booked in!

We Are Klang were amazing! so silly! wicked!
Phil Nichol maintains his position as my favourite new comedian!

it's The Book Club with Robin Ince tonight and Simon Munnery Friday so i'll keep you posted on how much my sides hurt after all this hilarity!

all these late nights mid-week are no good for my good looks tho! i'm going to be using a lot of my YSL highlighter pen this week me thinx! haha

this arvo i've been having proper comedy flashbacks to moments of comedy nakedness and catchphrase! a comedy hangover is loads more fun than a vodka one! haha*

but i'm already dreading the inevitable comedy comedown! ruined! it's a good job we have good comedy access in Mcr and Sheffield or i might have to go cold turkey!

*Sacrilege! Jodester in comedy beats vodka shocker! haha

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