Monday, October 30, 2006

she broke up with me

i just called my gym to postpone my personal trainer session tmro night, for a fortnight, while i worked on the stuff she showed me in the last two sessions. a bit of catch up time!

but she said she's leaving Thursday for a better paid job!
so she's getting some other chick from the gym to call me to arrange a session, but i really liked Erin!

i'm gutted.

i feel like we've broken up after only 3 dates! haha
she drank beer! where am i going to find another personal trainer who drinkes beer for chr*ssakes!

i am SO giving up PTs after this last session.
it's too weird them hanging about while you get sweaty anyway.
and they're so unreliable!
i don't need to feel insecure about anything else in my life thankyou!

but we'll always have the ball exercises...
happy times!

i guess it's gods way of telling me i'll never be a size 10 again! haha

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