Monday, October 30, 2006

limp wrists

i went bowling this weekend with my friends Vicky, Kate and Clare and my man.

i like bowling but i can only last one match before my wrist goes all limp and hurty!
rubbish! i'm quite pathetic when it comes to anything physical. a mis-spent youth infront of the telly i guess... the shows are gross tho, especially since i have the most average ladies show size, they're well worn them sixes!

but i didn't get one strike this weekend - i was gutted! i usually get one at least! i go dead centre most bowls but the b*stards wouldn't go down! my mate Kate was a hustler - she moseys on up, casually bowls and strike central! haha

we were sharing the lane seating area with a bunch of kids who we were fighting with for the lighter balls! haha
but i think it's a bit rubbish you only get one bench per lane - that's not enought clearly!
we took it turns to sit down between bowls!

frankly bowling exhuasted me! it was all so exciting!
a little victory every time you hit the pins!
the misery of geting a Gutter Ball!
the disappointment of a single pin! Bummer indeed! haha

first game was funny cos, excluding the fella, the girls final place was in order of height! tallest winning, shortest last!* mental! my man took a picture... which i'd load up but i'm not sure how to... ruined!

they had a tv screen with pop videos on interspersed with ads for the bowling alley.
the fast food looked very unappetising but the Cosmic Bowling looked amazing!
apparently, regularly, they do bowling disco-style! brilliant! that's next on my to-do list!

talking of lists - my friend Kate said she had a list of things she'd wanted to do before she was 32. i asked her what was on it but she said it was more of an idea of a list than a list which i think goes a long way to explain why it's not been completed!

an idea of a list?! you either have a list or you don't! haha it made us all think about our possible lists tho i think lists are scary and if you put a time limit on stuff you're asking for trouble!

a student i met recently who wants to get a job in radio said with the confidence only a 21 year old can have 'if i don't make it in a year that's it! i'm obviously never going to make it and i'll do something else'

i pleaded with her not to make grand deadlines on her dream! but i guess you live n learn.
i certainly did. i nearly gave myself a heart attack with the pressure i was putting on myself to achieve big media moves the year or so after graduating. just doesn't happen that way eh?
£12K p.a. and rent to pay = no big media career, haha

just keep on rockin' that's what i say!

how did we get so philosophical from bowling?! haha

* not me! hehe ; )

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