Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i did laugh

yes i did!

last night the book club was very good indeed. oh bless Robin Ince and his merry men (and women) - they made my face hurt from laughing too much! brilliant!

i am having a night off from comedy tonight... i've been sleep deprived since last week now and it's no good for an old bird like me! i'm getting seriously tired eyes! it's not a good look!

i went to London on Friday and stayed up late drinking with my man's buddies, only to be rudely awakened to a 7.30am start - on a Saturday?! i ask you?! Up we went to Essex for a thing at the man's old university and another late night was had by all! sleepy jo then trudles back to Manchester only to be whisked to a Russel Brand gig! mental! i'm going to bed at 9pm tonight!

a surprise edition at the book club was Simon Munnery, who we're seeing on Friday night at Giggle n Funk - oh Simon is so loverly! his Urban Warrior still scares me a bit but he's so nice when he's just being Simon Munnery...

and i have to give a special mention to Graeme White and his accordian - i want to play the acordian! he was concentrating so hard - the man's a genius! me and my mate Ruth were clenching for him it looked so hardcore! ooh it did make us giggle...

why can't every week be a comedy festival?!

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